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Moodle SCORM player update

If you are struggling with SCORM 2004 and Moodle player - you are not the only one.
My team and I had a case of a multinational military-civilian exercise where we try to integrate online courses published in many different tools and technologies (including Flash!) and some of them published in SCORM 2004.
To just view a course - you will not have a problem, because you can open it in a browser, but for tracking SCORM communication you need a player.
This was a sad moment as Moodle player does not have full support for SCORM 2004 standard and the further development is halted 


To overcome this situation we continue working on the Moodle player and the plan is to finalize it with debugging and developing new features until the full support of SCORM 2004. 
There is still way to go, so if you have a complex courses with sequencing you will probably experience some issues. In most other cases - you are good to go. The very latest version of the module you can find here:
Please stay tuned as we will be updating this link as we go!
Happy Moodling and Scorming!

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